Corporate cufflinks

Corporate gifts can be given on specific occasions or during a particular time of the year. Exactly what makes a good corporate gift depends on a number of factors. For example, a company producing plastic bottles might not allow a very high budget for its corporate gifts. In this case, corporate cufflinks might not be the most suited type of gift. On the other hand, banks, insurance agencies, automobile manufacturers and even real estate brokers can think of gifting corporate cufflinks to their clients.

So how much do corporate cufflinks cost? The answer will be based on a few issues that the buyer needs to work out. For example, what is the volume of cufflinks that you need? If you had to place an order for around 100 pairs of silver cufflinks or an order for about 50 pairs of gold cufflinks, you could consider the volume to be a wholesale corporate cufflink order. Just as an example, the CUFF02 pair of gemstone cufflinks from Kaisilver might be priced at around 350 U.S$ when purchased as a single pair. But if you had to order them with a volume of 100 to 250 pairs, the price per pair would drop to around 40 U.S$.

When it comes to wholesale corporate cufflinks, they would generally include the logo of the company or the company name (or initials). The manufacturer will need to create a master mould for the design of these cufflinks. The design and moulding overheads would be borne by the first pair of corporate cufflinks that are produced. When these overheads are spread over multiple pieces, the price per piece would drop. The actual volume would decide the final price.