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Kaisilver premiere

Kaisilver the worlds leading online custom jewelry provider recently launched its mobile website. While the development continues on the regular websites, the requirement for a mobile jewelry website was deeply felt. With more jewelry buyers across the globe depending on Kaisilver for their special custom made jewellery requirements, the convenience of a mobile website is a clear winner. The Kaisilvershop mobile site can accept orders through the secure payment servers at Paypal. You can also follow the regular process of contacting the support team at with your requirements. Suggestions, advice and price quotes can be specifically worked out for your requirement.

While the steadily increasing web traffic on this mobile jewelry website are encouraging, some debate has been going on regarding the suitability of such websites for wholesale jewelry. Given the volumes and required price points for gold and silver wholesale jewelry, it might not be suitable for a click and buy type of transaction. A lot of cross communication and negotiation is required to complete a wholesale jewelry manufacturing deal. However if you are already dealing with a wholesale jewelry provider and both of you are aware of your requirements and price points, a mobile wholesale jewelry website would have good utility for both the buyer and jewelry provider.

The steady increase in the use of handheld devices to search and browse the web is going to go on unabated at least for another 2 to 3 decades. Many top managers already claim that they do not turn on their laptops or desktops for days together. Although the scenario for a wholesale jewelry operation through a mobile website might not be very clear today, it is bound to evolve as long as it brings benefits to both sides.