Not just gold weight

Encouraged by the thirst for cheap diamond jewelry, wholesale jewelry manufacturers are getting increasingly stingy with gold weight. This is a short term perspective and by the time the buyer realizes this, the jeweler is safe and happy with the purchase!

It is not just gold weight that is compromised in wholesale diamond rings, you can also see the ugly quality of the diamonds in such rings. In contrast to this the affordable diamond ring collection from Kaisilver works within strict parameters for diamond selection. The diamonds in our rings are natural and they all look gorgeous. We give you beauty without requesting you to plunder your wallet. If you look at the diamonds in most wholesale diamond rings, you can see with the naked eye that they are milky and clouded. It might be legally right to claim these low grade junk as diamonds but, in jewelry and gemstone terms we would call them junk.

This entire write up on diamond gold rings is not aimed at justifying extravagant price tags for our diamond rings. The RG183 is NOT EXPENSIVE, and is priced below 1,300 U.S$ in 14k white or yellow gold. The center diamond is a 3mm round and the diamonds on the sides are 2mm rounds. Combine this with the 8 to 10 gram gold weight that is almost 100% more than what a wholesale diamond ring would have, and you will agree that good diamond rings need not be lavishly priced. A glance at the complete report on this Kaisilver diamond ring will be both useful and interesting.