About Us

We design and manufacture much of the body piercing jewelry ourselves. As you can see from the images on this website we have a huge range of body jewelry that’s Hot! Hot! Hot! New items are added all the time so don’t forget to bookmark this site!

The Management of Avant Garde Body Jewelry takes great pride in their designs. Each design is critically judged for its use of the stone, use of natural light, practicality and price. We are constantly experimenting and critically judging all designs that we create. We follow the world fashion markets very closely and look for ideas and inspirations from both within our establishment and the world at large. We are particularly strong in the young fashion arena. Most of our designs are for the teen age to mid 20s’ age group, something chic but yet affordable. We are very price conscience but at the same time very quality and design oriented.

We want you to be able to wear our body jewelry on a daily basis with confidence. Our aim is to deliver to you a quality product at a very keen price, hassle free.