Gem scams

Gem scams

The morals of the story is: These gem scams are run by ruthless people who can intimidate, drug, and possibly assault or endanger you. Dont talk to strangers who approach you in public places, no matter how well-mannered and charming they appear. If you plan to buy gemstones in Thailand, go to a respectable shop or a proper source (see future posts).

Its a sad fact that because of official indifference and corruption thousands of visitors to Thailand continue to fall victim to numerous scams. Aside from apart from the Grandaddy of them all, the infamous Gem and Jewellery Scam, they include the King Power Duty Free Scam, the Phuket Tuktuk Scam, the Pattaya Jet-ski and Baht-bus Scams, the Airport Taxi Scam. If its any consolation to visitors, there are many other scams that are targeted exclusively at expatriate residents.I could go on and on.

What to do?

If you are targeted and find yourself trapped in one of these outlets. You could try calling the Tourist Police 1155. But dont hold your breath.