Gia Thailand

Gia Thailand

The GIA Thailand offers numerous courses, such as its well-known Graduate Gemologist and Jewelry Design programs, as well as classes in Diamond Grading, Gem Identification, Pearl Grading and Colored Stones Grading. ,

The courses teach students how to identify and analyse gems, appraise jewellery, and grade diamonds using the 4Cs. It offers hands-on experience, providing access to a collection of 100 jewellery items and more than 1,000 gemstones as well as sophisticated equipment.

Aside from its teaching role the GIA provides laboratory services such as gem grading and certification, and provides reports on a gems geographic origins and distinguishing features as well as identifying any treatments or enhancements the stone may have been subjected to.

For those wishing to make a significant gem purchase in Bangkok the GIA is the go-to laboratory for stone grading and certification. Any retailer which does not already provide certification for its gems should readily agree to send a stone to the GIA for authentication and certifying as long as you agree to pay the cost.