What are your options on pink gems

What are your options on pink gems

Talking specifically about wholesale gemstone jewelry, many buyers wonder why pink topaz or rose quartz remain very popular. The issue is related to gemstone availability, unlike gold supply which is always available, highly depends buyer/seller demand and price points. Firstly, pink topaz is available in abundance, it’s availability is directly related to that of white topaz. If you are surprised you should know that, plain white topaz is coated with a pink layer (in factories) to produce pink topaz. And this is what wholesale jewelry manufacturers use.

So what about pink sapphires? Why are they not common in wholesale gem stone rings and other jewelry. The reason is that it is not very easy to get hundreds of closely matching pink sapphire gems. Another point is related to the price point of this pink gem. If you can get a 14mm x 10mm oval pink topaz for around 50 U.S$, a similar size in pink sapphire should be priced in the 3,000 U.S$ to 5,000 U.S$ price range! Wholesale gemstone jewelry needs mass markets to consume large volumes of jewelry. If you have this objective in mind, you cannot produce jewelry with high price tags. Lower prices remain one of the main attractions of wholesale jewelry.

Somewhere between pink topaz and pink sapphire is another interesting pink gem stone, this is pink tourmaline. This gem is sturdy and much more affordable as compared to pink sapphire, but the price point will still not make it a viable choice for wholesale jewelry. If you were looking for a 14mm x 10mm oval pink tourmaline, you would firstly need to accept that the stone will have a few visible inclusions. Expect a price point of around 300 U.S$ to 500 U.S$ for the gem. While this is not cheap, it is many times cheaper as compared to pink sapphire.

Much of the cheap wholesale jewelry in silver with pink stones uses, pink quartz or rose quartz. 60% of such quartz is opaque and not very tough to source. You might come across rose quartz with an impressive clarity but, the pink on such stones is too pale.